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Our ART® reactors are millistructured plate reactors and they are highly innovative as they are characterized by excellent heat transfer, optimal residence time distribution and faster mixing compared to conventional technology. As a result, this leads to a significant process intensification in terms of yield, costs and safety.

ART® reactors can be completely dismantled, which simplifies their cleaning. Thanks to their robust design, metallic material and modular set-up, these compact devices are ideally suited for a wide range of reactions – from the research and development all the way up to production. In addition, they enable effective process control with process analysis technology, which can be integrated with ease.

ART® Plate Reactor PR37

for laboratory and pilot plants

ART® Plate Reactor PR49

for production plants

No matter in at which phase of your process you start – process optimization or production – you will benefit from a great number of advantages:

  • Excellent heat transfer

  • Higher safety due to small reaction volumes in continuous flow

  • Easy cleaning and access as the reactor can be completely dismantled

  • Metal materials of construction (SS 316L/Hastelloy® C22)

  • Modular design for a wide range of reactions - also suitable for many suspensions (low solid content)

  • Different temperature zones in one apparatus

  • Serial and parallel operation

  • Ports for multi-injection, multi-stage operation and sampling available

  • Effective process control with process analysis technology (PAT), which is very easy to integrate

  • Flexible product changes through use in Multipurpose systems

  • Robust production technology

Technical Specifications
Process volume
PL37\0.8 3.5 mL, PL37\3 13.6 mL, PL37\6 24.9 mL, PL37\12 47.7 mL,
PL49\48 450 mL, PL49\180 810 mL, PL49\680 1,450 mL,
Temperature range
-60 – 200 °C
-40 – 200 °C
Max. pressure process medium (service medium)
20 bar (10 bar)
20 bar (10 bar)
Volume flows
0.3 – 40 L / h
20 – 1,000 L / h
Retention time
4 – 45 s / Plate
3 – 80 s / Plate
Dimension (l x w x h)
550 x 170 x 370 mm³
1,930 x 800 x 1,830 mm³
45 – 95 kg
> 1,000 kg
Min. channel cross section*
0.8 mm², 3 mm², 6 mm², 12 mm²
48 mm², 180 mm², –
Number of reactor plates
1 – 10
1 – 10

*without sealing

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