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Integrated scale-up concept

This is how your scale-up will succeed as well

Our equipment concepts score highly in terms of already exploiting potentials for further upscaling in the early phase of process development. That’s the strength of our technology platform: in every phase, you possess precisely the right equipment in a synergetically harmonised configuration.

R&D / Laboratory


You start with the MMRS – for optimum flexibility. The intelligent range of lab equipment is ideally suited for developing new products or optimising processes. Our interface modules enable you to move simply, quickly and safely into the next phases.


With the FlowPlate® Microreactor A6, the ART® Plate Reactor PR37 and the Miprowa® Matrix Reactors, you have the right equipment for the pilot plant and to test your process and your line concept. This means you are optimally prepared for the crucial step involved, the transition into actual production.


Our technology platform enables you to master the transition to full-scale production just as perfectly. Because this is where our high-performance devices come into play: FlowPlate® Microreactor A5, ART® Plate Reactor PR49 or a Miprowa® Production Reactor unveil their entire potential: not only do you get faster, more dependable production and enhanced efficiency, you also achieve significant cost savings.


Examples for reactions conducted in our system solutions:

  • Ethoxylations

  • Peroxide reactions

  • Ozonolysis

  • Lithiations

  • Nitrations

  • Esterifications

  • Organometallic reactions

  • Radical polymerisations

  • Precipitation reactions

  • Contact us about customised system solutions


  • Fine and specialty chemicals

  • Pharma applications

  • Agrochemicals

  • Food industry

  • Consumer care

Production and Scale-up Philosophy

Based on our integrated scale-up concept, we guarantee a fast scale-up within comparable channel geometries, whereby only a minimal cross-sectional enlargement of the channels takes place. In doing so, we retain the advantages of microreaction technology, such as high mixing quality, excellent heat transfer and targeted process control. In this way the results achieved on a laboratory scale can be quickly and easily transferred into the design of the production reactor. The required throughput is achieved, for example, by a parallel connection of channels to a channel bundle within a reactor.


Up close and personal

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