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Integrated Solutions

The quintessence of our expertise

After more than 20 years of experience working with customers on a laboratory and pilot scale, we are now bundling this knowledge into standardized system solutions to give our customers a better starting position in the world of flow chemistry.

Do you have a chemical process that you want to evaluate or you are already running in batch mode, but would like use the advantages of continuous operation combined with the benefits of microreaction technology?

Our system solutions consist of reactor technology optimized and already proven and are completely supplemented by all associated components, such as pumps, thermostats, automation and all accessories. The system is already perfected to the customer's reaction. As a result, your goals, such as increasing yields, improving the purity of the products, ensuring operational safety, or enabling difficult synthesis pathways in the first place, can be achieved in the shortest possible time.

From the very beginning, we accompany you all the way from laboratory to production scale of several thousand tons of product per year.

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Examples for reactions conducted in our system solutions:

  • Ethoxylations

  • Peroxide reactions

  • Ozonolysis

  • Lithiations

  • Nitrations

  • Esterifications

  • Organometallic reactions

  • Radical polymerisations

  • Precipitation reactions

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  • Fine and specialty chemicals

  • Pharma applications

  • Agrochemicals

  • Food industry

  • Consumer care

Production/Scale-up Philosophy

Based on our integrated scale-up concept, we guarantee a fast scale-up within comparable channel geometries, whereby only a minimal cross-sectional enlargement of the channels takes place. In doing so, we retain the advantages of microreaction technology, such as high mixing quality, excellent heat transfer and targeted process control. In this way the results achieved on a laboratory scale can be quickly and easily transferred into the design of the production reactor. The required throughput is achieved, for example, by a parallel connection of channels to a channel bundle within a reactor.

More questions?

Do you need information about the reactor and its areas of application? Here you can download the product flyer as PDF file:

Up close and personal

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