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With the micro- and millireactor technology platform you are opting for something fundamentally different and novel:

You are about to transfer your process from batch to a continuous mode? This transition requires a willingness to innovate and in-depth knowledge of continuous process technology. We offer you to support you during the implementation phase – and beyond.

As the technology leader in our field we offer you everything you need for a successful implementation of our innovative high-performance equipment:

  • Our team: experienced, highly qualified and highly motivated engineers, scientists and technical sales experts.

  • Our expertise: custom-fit for your process requirements and desired scale

  • Our experience: gained in numerous projects around the world


Whether laboratory or production – we will find answers for all your questions about the use and application of micro- and millireactors in your company.

Starting from our first contact we always have one goal in mind: to offer you suitable and scalable solutions leading to the implementation of production scale reactors within the shortest possible period of time. We accompany your scale-up process with our modular reactors that can be adapted ideally to your purposes and therefore provide a short return of investment.

We are part of a network of partners so we can offer you a holistic approach.


Up close and personal

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you by visiting you directly on site, by phone or online.

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