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High performance reactors and heat exchangers

Rectangular does the trick.


Our highly efficient Miprowa® (milli)reactors and heat exchangers are true powerhouses when in comes to demanding chemical reactions that require fast heat dissipation together with continuous static mixing capabilities.

You are looking for fast scale-up from the smallest laboratory amounts to production volumes? This becomes a reality with our Miprowa® technology.

What makes it special?


The secret of the Miprowa® lies in the combination of channels with rectangular cross-sections with static mixing inserts. This increases the area-to-volume ratio compared to a conventional tube bundle of similar size and in this way enhances the heat transfer between the service medium and process side. The mixing inserts contribute significantly to this effect while at the same time affording efficient and continuous mixing even for multi-phase reactions. Additionally, control of reaction temperature is more defined leading to significantly increased yields and selectivities.

Our Miprowa® technology sets the standard in simple and fast scale-up from the smallest scale to production level: This compact equipment can easily master an annual production of up to 20,000 tonnes per year. The Miprowa® provides our customers from the chemical industry with the key to smart production with short return of investment periods.

Our integrated scale-up concept guarantees rapid scaling up within comparable channel geometries. When moving from the pilot stage to production, an equaling-up is carried out: The throughput is increased to the desired production quantity by numbering up to the required number of channels in parallel channel bundles within one reactor.

The Miprowa® series includes:

Miprowa® Lab

high flexibility for the MMRS

Miprowa® Matrix

our standard for laboratory and pilot

Miprowa® Produktion

adapted to your production process

The Miprowa® technology

  • Is ideal for fast, highly exothermic and endothermic reactions

  • is characterized by fast and easy scalability

  • offers a wide range of possible applications because it is modular and flexible

  • convinces with economic efficiency with regard to attractive return of investment

  • is manufactured from materials such as stainless steel and Hastelloy® – compact, robust and with easy maintenance

  • is essential for companies working in fine and specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, food and cosmetics industries as well as CMOs

Technical Specifications
Miprowa® Lab
Miprowa® Matrix-System
Miprowa® Production
Channel cross section
12 x 1.5 mm²
18 x 3.2 mm²
18 x 3.2 mm²
Number of channels
8 (4)
1 – 9
up to ~ 500 per core
Mode of flow
up to 9 serial / up to 3 parallel
Channel length (per passage / core)
300 mm
600 / 1,200 mm
600 / 1,200 mm
Process volume*
30 mL (15 mL)
15 ... 400 mL
up to ~ 150 L
Max. diameter at narrowest position
400 μm
1,000 μm
1,000 μm
Max. process pressure (at 200 °C)**
45 / 56 / 75 bar
24 / 56 bar
16 (56) bar
Temperature range***
-10 ... 200 °C
-10 … 250 °C
-60 … 250 °C (400 °C)
Volume flow****
~ 0.3 ... 15 L/h
~ 3 … 150 L/h
up to several 10 m³/h
Retention time****
~ 4 s … 6 min
~ 1 s … 8 min
few s ... few min

* Depending on installed flow inserts; given values valid for standard type

** Depending on material

*** Extension down to -50 °C and up to 250 °C on request

**** Rough estimation – strongly depending on the process conditions

More questions?

Do you need information about the reactor and its areas of application? Here you can download the product flyer as PDF file:

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