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The Modular MicroReaction System

A process building kit filled with innovation


Small, smart and with more than 60 individual modules – the Modular MicroReaction System, MMRS for short, is equipment for research & development invented by Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik and it is globally unique. It opens up a great variety of ways to develop and create new processes and to optimise and intensify existing ones - fast, easy, efficient.


The uniqueness of this building kit is already part of its name: modularity is at the heart of the MMRS. Assembled on a base plate ranging in size from DIN A5 to DIN A2 , Ehrfeld’s microstructured mixers, reactors and heat exchangers combine maximum flexibility and adaptability for each individual process. The MMRS provides you with the optimum starting point to assemble even multi-step syntheses in the fastest possible way and it can also be easily automated. This can be done by lab automation systems such as the LabManager®, specially developed for those purposes or you can connect your own units. You can monitor all the important process parameters quickly and efficiently and very close to the process– an important advantage in the research and development stage.


The MMRS offers you the degree of flexibility required for feasibility studies for small amounts of product. And because mixing is one of the crucial unit operations in chemical processing we provide you with tailor-made mixer types that match your mass transfer requirements with unsurpassed mixing efficiencies. The modules of our MMRS have proven their worth especially for highly exothermic reactions or those with high safety demands when using toxic or explosive substances. Their advantages also manifest in their robustness and the ease of cleaning and maintenance as nearly all modules can be completely dismantled by the user.

With this intelligently designed laboratory toolbox we offer research institutes and research and development departments of chemical companies an entry to continuous reaction technology with the potential for expansion. The MMRS can be seamlessly transferred from laboratory to pilot and production.

The MMRS®-series includes:


No matter how specific the mixing task – here you will find the suitable mixer. Choose from cascade, slit plate, comb type or valve assisted mixers.


Our reactors cover a wide range of residence times as well as specific tasks such as the cartridge reactor for heterogeneous catalysis and the photoreactor.

Heat exchangers

These models were specifically developed for the MMRS. They ensure fast heating and cooling at the precise location where it is needed for your process.

Sensors & Actuators

We provide everything you need for measurement and control of your process parameters, including temperature, pressure, mass and volume flow and many more.

Temperature range (special*)
-10 – 200 °C (-60 – 600 °C)
Max. pressure process medium
up to 100 bar
Volume flows
0.01 – 30 L/h; 0.16 – 500 mL/min
Retention time
~1 s ... 30 min
Base plate dimension (l x w)**
212 x 162 / 325 x 212 / 425 x 325 mm²
Weight (MMRS plant)
> 2 kg
Min. channel cross section
> 25 μm
Process volume (reactors)
0.04 ... 110 mL
Material (in contact with process medium)
Stainless Steel A4 oder Hastelloy® C276/22, FFKM, PTFE
mixing/emulsification/dispersion/particle precipitation; homogeneous/heterogeneous synthesis (also with catalyst and/or multi-step); photochemistry
Scale of use
screening, process development/optimization, scale-up, small scale synthesis

* Only specific modules and/or
modules with special sealing material
** Other dimensions on request; height is varying
depending on the module composition

More questions?

Do you need information about the reactor and its areas of application? Here you can download the product flyer as PDF file:

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