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Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik


Our company is acknowledged as a front-ranking provider of reactors, mixers and heat exchangers for microreaction technology.

We offer our customers an attractive combination: the flexible rapid-response capabilities of an innovative technology specialist and the comprehensive background of a prestigious globally operating company. The multifarious applicational options provided by microreaction technology and our corporate expertise in terms of flow chemistry benefit customers engaged in R&D at universities and institutions, and also, of course, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

SEPT 2000

The business of Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik started with Prof. Ehrfeld, the pioneer of microreaction technology

SEPT 2016

Launch of the first Miprowa® production reactor in China (throughput of about 1m³/h)

FEB 2010

License agreement with Lonza (development, manufacturing, marketing and sale), Launch of Lonza FlowPlate® MicroReactors

JUL 2008

Launch of Miprowa® High Performance Reactors

SEPT 2004

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS GmbH acquired assets and business of Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik AG

AUG 2007

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS GmbH has been awarded the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate by TÜV Rheinland

APR 2002

Launch of Modular MicroReaction System MMRS at Hannovermesse Industrie

SEPT 2013

Licence agreement with Alfa Laval to manufacture and sell ART® Plate Reactors

NOV 2018

Launch of second and third Miprowa production reactor in China (throughput of about 1m³/h)

AUG 2017

Eastlake Shaoxing High-Tec bought the shares of Erfeld Mikrotechnik BTS

FEB 2019

Opening of subsidiary Ehrfeld Process Technology in Shanghai

AUG 2022

Relaunch of the

company website!

OKT 2020

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik, ENCOS and DMT will share their know-how and their competencies worldwide in partnership to support customers transfer their batch process to optimized continuous production processes

APR 2024

The former Head of Strategic Projects Dr.-Ing. Rafael Kuwertz becomes the new Managing Director of Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik GmbH.

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