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The Modular MicroReaction System


Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik – Your partner in Flow Chemistry

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik is the global leader in micro reaction technology.

Ever since the year 2000 Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik has been working in close collaboration both with industry and academic partners to develop micro- and millireactors. The result of this partnership are reactors with integrated scale-up approach capable of producing a few grams of sample in the laboratory and up to thousands of tonnes in industrial production. As a pioneering company in the field of flow chemistry we guide you, our customer, on your way to continuous production using our equipment and year-long expertise.


Our technology platform offers you reactors in four product groups:


Compact plate reactor


Highly scalable plate reactors

Smart production using innovative technology.
Why you should work together with Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik:


We are customer oriented

We have a team of experienced, highly qualified and extremely motivated engineers, scientists and technical sales experts. Those will be your partners throughout all stages of your project.


Our technology is future-proof

Continuous processes in microreactors constitute the key technology when it comes to production processes that are both innovative and economically competitive. Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik offers you everything you need combining equipment of the highest quality with the expertise relevant to your process in laboratory as well as production.


We offer high value

We provide the highest quality in terms of technology, service and consulting. Our quality control follows the certification according to ISO 9001. Our equipment is manufactured and tested without exception by German suppliers. Our materials of construction are stainless steel and Hastelloy thus ensuring high robustness in pilot and production environments while at the same time providing excellent heat transfer.


Do you need a convincing technology for your production process?

  • pharmaceutical industry

  • fine and specialty chemicals

  • food industry


Are you looking for a tried and tested, efficient solution for your laboratory needs?

  • pharmaceutical industry

  • fine and specialty chemicals

  • food industry

  • academic research


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We will reach new milestones on our pathway to establish our vision of Flow Chemistry as process technology in industry.

Dr. Rafael Kuwertz

Latest news and information from Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik

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New published article in CHEManager International - Sustainability and Energy Efficiency at a Turning Point

Sustainability, carbon footprint, waste reduction, energy efficiency, supply chain management... What do all these terms have in common?

Yes, Flow Chemistry!

The new published article in CHEManager International is exactly dealing with this top issues. Pleaase, do not miss to get to know more about.

Partnership: Ehrfeld and Taros Collaborate to Promote Early Adoption of Flow Chemistry with a Comprehensive Market Offering


Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik, a leading provider of reactors, mixers, and heat exchangers for micro reaction technology located in Wendelsheim, and Taros, with HQ in Dortmund, a globally active custom research and manufacturing organization serving the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, are jointly paving the way for a smooth access and deployment of flow chemistry as a high-performance and forward-looking research and production tool in chemical synthesis processes.

This collaboration comes at a time when the industry worldwide is facing stricter regulations in international chemical laws and regulations as well as increasing demands on product quality and production safety and must strive for innovative solutions beyond traditional production methods. The partnership of key players within their respective markets, will as a premiere, combine both, high-performance flow chemistry hardware with strong chemical synthesis research and scale-up expertise. This unique combination of strengths will allow customers to validate flow chemistry as an alternative to conventional batch chemistry very quickly early on in their chemical R&D agenda and will contribute to preparing planned large-scale flow reactor syntheses at a commercial production scale.

Experience “Made in Germany”: Research directors, product managers, or production managers can access through this partnership a combination of practice-tested, state-of-the-art flow chemistry equipment from laboratory to thousand-ton scale at Ehrfeld, as well as over 200 man-years of expertise in research and synthesis of organic molecules at Taros. From development to production, customers now consistently have first-class resources and expertise available from a single source to meet their challenges.

Dr. Rafael Kuwertz, Managing Director of Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik, welcomes this close collaboration of the two German companies: "This partnership strengthens our position as a pioneer in the industry and allows us to offer our customers even greater added value. The combination of our strengths opens up exciting new possibilities for innovation and growth; this is particularly important for medium-sized companies that want to act quickly and flexibly in global competition."

Dr. Alexander Piechot, Managing Director of Taros, also expressed optimism about the collaboration: "Through close collaboration with the experts at Ehrfeld, we can now offer our customers a unique service that enables the integration of both batch and flow chemistry processes in the development of new manufacturing processes. This specialized approach, which is rare to find in the contract synthesis and research industry, allows our customers to comprehensively evaluate the respective advantages of both methods directly in the laboratory environment. This enables them to design optimal and future-proof production processes that remain efficient and sustainable even under increasingly stringent regulations."

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