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Small, frequently changing product quantities, demands of high quality and a short time-to-market – these are the major challenges in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries. Our innovative solution: the FlowPlate® microreactors. With this premium device, developed by Lonza and exclusively distributed worldwide by Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and fine chemicals can be developed and produced more competitively.

The simple and fast scale-up exactly meets your requirements to be competitive on a global scale: Campaign-by-campaign production on demand under cGMP conditions up to tonne scale and all this achieved within a very short time. Our FlowPlate® devices can be operated up to 100 bar and open up new process windows for your processes. The compact design can be expanded modularly – reactor plates with different channel designs can be interchanged freely even in the already assembled reactor. The construction can be flexibly adapted to specific customer requirements and process tasks. Clean-in-place protocols can be implemented easily due to the FlowPlate®’s one-channel-design which is free of dead volume and sealing materials.

Different mixing structures, adapted to the nature of the process (be it homogeneous, heterogeneous liquid-liquid, gas-liquid), offer a unique concept for individual process intensification.

The FlowPlate®-series includes:

FlowPlate® Lab

for laboratory and pilot plants

FlowPlate® A6 and A5

for production plants

The FlowPlate®-technology:

  • volume flows from laboratory scale of a few mL/min to production at 20 L/h and more

  • simple and fast scale-up due to channel sizing-up under almost constant process conditions

  • very high heat transfer capacity

  • simple process control

  • flexible adaptation to different reactions due to rapid exchange of process plates: homogeneous: SZ or TG structure, liquid-liquid / gas-liquid: LL structure

  • safe handling of hazardous reagents

  • can be used up to a pressure of 100 bar and temperatures up to 200 °C

  • no passive volume meaning that residues in the channel can be avoided (CIP = cleaning-in-place)

  • easy cleaning and maintenance, ready for cGMP

The FlowPlate® microreactors offer an innovative closed one-channel design – with clear advantages for the process:

Technical Specifications
Temperature range
-10 – 200 °C
-55* – 200 °C
-55* – 200 °C
Max. pressure process medium (service medium)
35 bar (6 bar)
100 bar (6 bar)
100 bar (6 bar)
Volume flows**
0.06 – 6 L/h 1 – 100 mL/min
1 – 10 L/h 15 – 150 mL/min
1 – 20 L/h 15 – 300 mL/min
Retention time/plate
0.5 – 30 s
1 – 75 s
2 – 130 s
Dimension (l x w x h)
149 x 74 x 64 mm³
400 x 206 x 150 mm³
450 x 270 x 200 mm³
2.5 kg
26 kg
50 kg
Min. channel cross section mixing structure (= width x height of the channel)
0.5 mm x 0.2 mm = 0.1 mm²
0.5 mm x 1.25 = ~ 0.6 mm²
0.7 mm x 1.75 = ~ 1.2 mm²
Channel cross section (retention channel)
0.3 – 2.5 mm²
2.5 – 10 mm²
2.5 – 20 mm²
Number of process plates
Process volume/plate
0.4 – 2 mL
3 – 12 mL
7 – 33 mL
Plate design (mixing structure)
(homogeneous mixture), TG (gas-liquid mixture), LL (liquid-liquid mixture)
(homogeneous mixture), TG (gas-liquid mixture), LL (liquid-liquid mixture)
(homogeneous mixture), TG (gas-liquid mixture), LL (liquid-liquid mixture)
Plate function(s)
mixing & retention volume (also with multiinjection or scale-up), contin. mixed retention volume
pre-heating, mixing & retention volume (also with multiinjection or for scale-up), retention volume
pre-heating, mixing & retention volume (also with multiinjection or for scale-up), retention volume
3 – 10
2 – 5
2 – 5

* with special sealing
** per apparatus, limited by the installed plate(s)

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