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Laboratory solutions

We are the developer, manufacturer and supplier of the Modular MicroReaction System (MMRS) - your flexible platform for process development.

Reactor modules fit for purpose, for every unit operation and for all process parameters!



A chemical toolbox for the laboratory – throughput between 0.01 and 30 L/h

Integrated Solutions

Our integrated system solutions consist of a reactor technology optimized and already proven in the field. We will also supply with that a fully functional and ready-to-use setup complete with all associated components, such as pumps, thermostats, automation and all necessary accessories.


Integrated scale-up concept

Straightforward and fast transition from laboratory to production scale thanks to consistent process conditions in each phase.

Examples of use

Industries and reactions


Up close and personal

Do you have any questions, another request or want to meet? Fill in our contact form – we take care of everything else.”

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